I can’t recommend watching this documentary about Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli enough. It’s called The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, and you can find it online with English subtitles if you look hard enough, or you can wait til this fall, when it should be getting an actual US release.

There’s a profoundness and simplicity to all of it that welled up tears in my eyes throughout the film. If anything, it’s a look into Miyazaki and how he lives and works and thinks and just the bundles of contradictions and modes of expression that filter through him. And it’s an examination of an animation studio with a near unblemished 29 year, 20 film track record, which should fascinate someone who has never even heard of them.

Plus, Hideaki Anno is featured pretty prominently, which is a nice added bonus! 

(And that’s to say nothing of Ushiko, the super cute cat that lives in the studio)